Wordless: Puppy Love


Bentley the Mutt, Howell, Michigan, May 2015.

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Bookends: June 2015

As predicted, I didn’t get many books finished this month. I read a lot (a LOT), but it was almost all for class. That kind of reading involves reading from a lot of books but not actually finishing many of them. After the class is over, I do plan to review the ones of which I’ve […]

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Roy G. Biv

A rainbow of photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

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Wordless: Bouldering


Pillbug habitat, Massachusetts, May 2015.

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Wordless: Piggy


This little piggy’s name is Charleston Chew. His brother’s name is Caramel. They’re very sweet.

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Wordless: Parenting



Brighton, Michigan, May 2015.

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The Stretch

I used to do a lot of yoga. I’m not a naturally flexible person so yoga was a particular challenge for me. Not only was it a challenge to reach for my toes in a forward bend, but it was also a challenge to avoid looking in the mirror to see just how far I […]

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Wordless: Nap

CIMG7923Barn Cat, Malabar Farm State Park, Lucas, Ohio, May 2015.

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Waste Not, Want Not

Nearly six years ago, my daughter watched intently as the woman I’d hired stood at my kitchen counter and washed, dehydrated, and encapsulated my placenta. Today I planted the remaining capsules under the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in my garden. In retrospect, I’m not quite sure why I had my placenta encapsulated in the first place. I […]

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Wordless: Flight



Green, Ohio, May 2015.

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