Viva Bliss Award: Passing It On

I’m not much for blog awards. Not only do blog awards tend to feel suspiciously like chain letters to me (“Here’s your award! Now pass it on to ten people!”), I’m just not naturally inclined towards celebration. At least not formal celebration. I’m big on small, spontaneous celebrations for things like when my toddler accidentally […]

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Back in Action!

You might not have noticed that we were out of action, but we were. The record-breaking nor’easter that hit New England this weekend knocked out our electricity from 8pm Saturday until sometime while we were at dinner tonight (Tuesday). It got down to 51F inside our home. We usually keep it cool (62 during the […]

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Tonight, we had our first snow. Now, I’ve lived in snowy places. Ohio. That was snowy. Salt Lake City. Heck, they had their first snow weeks ago. Even in North Carolina we had an ice storm that knocked out the electricity for an entire week, and two years before that, we had the Snow of […]

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Swearing Off Inspirational Stories

I’ve read a fair number of opinions and suggestions about how to be happier, and I’ve discovered a basic theme. Each person starts out not appreciating their life enough, wanting something they don’t have. Then at some point (usually in their mid-20’s or in mid-life or in some other period of great transition) something clicks. […]

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Choosing the Half-Full Glass

I wrote a fairly negative review of Jamie Ford’s Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet a few weeks ago. I liked it okay, but in my review I pointed out what I saw as shortcomings of the writing and why I couldn’t wholeheartedly embrace the book even though I enjoyed the subject. Tonight […]

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My Two-Year Plan

That’s it. I’m tired of embracing imperfection. From now on, I’m going to implement a plan designed to make me perfect. I will have perfect nutrition and a perfect exercise regimen, which will lead to a perfect body (stress incontinence and people thinking I’m pregnant will be things of the past). I will have perfect […]

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