ROW80: Halloween Check-in, Library Love, and Indigo Girls

I love library days (usually Wednesdays in our house). The kids and I trek to the library, pick up bags of books, and trek home. Used to be, we’d walk to the library every week. Now that it’s gotten rainier and our book bags have gotten too heavy for the under-basket of the stroller, we’ve been driving. The drive home is the best. The kids are too engrossed in their newly acquired books to care that their mother is behind the wheel in tears belting out Indigo Girls lyrics along with the radio (thank heaven for college radio stations, too).

Tidbit about me: Indigo Girls is the only band I’ve ever seen perform live twice. I stopped listening to them for several years because I was belting out their songs 15 years ago  just before I got a stomach bug and female voices harmonizing over acoustic guitars has made me a little queasy ever since. But then “Least Complicated” came on the radio today, and I didn’t feel ill at all, just flooded with pleasant memories of trying to harmonize with my college roommate in our dorm room or screaming out lyrics at choir parties. So, it looks like the kids get to listen to Indigo Girls!

Today is extra special because there’s the promise of an after-dark walk through the neighborhood with a kangaroo and a firefighter to collect junk food from our neighbors. I’m trying not to ruin the excitement by thinking too deeply about the six pounds of non-fair-trade chocolate I bought to hand out to the ghouls and Buzz Lightyears who come to our door tonight.

Of course, today is triply special. Not only is it Library Day and Halloween, it’s ROW80 Midweek Check-in! I am ecstatic to report that I have written every night so far this week, even Hurricane Night. I don’t know if it’s writing every night that’s put me in a fantastic mood or if the positive mood is what’s gotten me to write every night. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. It’s quite possible the fabulous mood is due at least in part to the anxiety that preceded the hurricane and the relief that came after when we were left relatively unscathed. There seems to be a feeling of celebration throughout our little city, but whether that’s just in my head or because of the hurricane or Halloween or two days off school or some combination, I am not sure.

Happy Halloween!

3 Replies to “ROW80: Halloween Check-in, Library Love, and Indigo Girls”

  1. You wrote through Hurricane night? That’s focus! Keep up the awesome.


  2. 1. Library night is THURSDAY, okay? Gosh. Get it wright. Wait — you mean to say that other households are allowed to visit on another night of the week? Oh. My bad!

    2. Indigo Girls = big yes! 🙂

    3. Am pumped you got in writing every night! Go you! Am starting NaNoWriMo so hoping your inspiration carries me through… at least the first couple days, right? LMAO! 🙂


    1. Thank you for the cheers, Andi-Roo! Good luck with NaNo. I did it in 2010, started in 2011 and realized it just wasn’t going to work for me at the time, and decided not even to try it for 2012, although I was (and still am) tempted. Another year, maybe, when I’ve finally found child care for my kids. Or after they’ve moved out.

      Oh, and sorry I got the library day wrong. My kids think having just one day a week devoted to the library is where I’ve gone wrong, which is probably why my 7yo left her jacket there this morning and my 3yo separated a DVD we’d checked from its case (which I returned today) necessitating a Thursday trip to the library to pick up a jacket and drop off a case-less DVD.


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