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Bookends: March 2021

You might have noticed that it’s halfway through April and I’m just now putting up the March Bookends post. I’m not sure what’s up with me lately, but I am very much stuck in neutral with writing, including blogging, journaling, and postal correspondence. I was trying to fight through it, but I think for this … Continue reading Bookends: March 2021

Bookends: February 2021

Going by my middle name is getting a rocky start. I decided to ease my way in by introducing myself by my middle name to people who don’t already know me and letting people who already know me as “Charity” keep calling me that. First challenge: Remembering to introduce myself by my middle name. I … Continue reading Bookends: February 2021

Bookends: January 2021

January brought us cats. That makes it sound like I had a lot less responsibility for this turn of events than I did. I’ll rephrase: After months of looking at the humane society adoptable pets listings, we finally made the leap and adopted two adult cats. Here they are: Their names are Camille and Silo, … Continue reading Bookends: January 2021

2020: My Year in Books

At the beginning of 2020, I set my Goodreads challenge goal at 52 books, just over half as many books as I read in 2019. I hypothesized that the book-a-week pace would allow me the time to ponder and reflect rather than binge and forget. I envisioned sitting with a notebook and a pen at … Continue reading 2020: My Year in Books