Notes for Your Visit

About Charity

I enjoy reading, learning things, and watching my children grow and learn, which makes being a home educator a good fit for me.

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would. I’ve lived in seven U.S. states (and have had a drivers license in six of them) and in all four time zones in the contiguous United States. It seems like it’s about time to start collecting time zones in other countries.

I dream of one day being able to hold a conversation in a language other than English. I’m really close in Spanish; all I need is to find the courage to speak to a Spanish-speaking person in Spanish, and something to say to them (I’ve already done “¿Donde está el baño?” but find it’s not usually a conversation opener).

About Imperfect Happiness

I started Imperfect Happiness in July 2010, when I began my year-long Happiness Project (inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project). After the project was done, I just kept on blogging.

Today, Imperfect Happiness is a combination of book-related posts (“Bookends” and “My Year in Books” monthly and annual recaps, book reviews, Cavalcade of Classics) and personal reflections on homeschooling, being a mother, and life in general, both the day-to-day and from a broader, philosophical perspective.

Check out the menu links and the Featured Posts on the home page for more of what Imperfect Happiness has to offer.

You can also find me on Litsy, Goodreads, and Instagram.

9 thoughts on “Notes for Your Visit

  1. I, too, yearn to thru-hike the Appalachian trail. I live near a stretch of it and walk it constantly. It’s wonderful to see it emerge from it’s winter hibernation.

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  2. Hello! It’s encouraging (I guess) to hear that your blog, too, has a mind of its own and is “pretty much all over the place.” Today I posted about my blogs two-month birthday : -) and concluded that it’s almost completely lost sight of its original goal. But it is SO MUCH FUN! Yours looks fun as well, and I’ll look forward to exploring. Congrats on the Freshly Pressed.


    1. Thanks for the comment (and the congrats!). Once I get on top of all of these comments (which I’m totally loving!) I’m looking forward to digging in and reading some of the commenters’ blogs! And congrats to you for your blog’s two-month birthday!


  3. Wow, CJ! You are an incredibly deep and lively writer. I am truly impressed.

    I am your cross-street neighbor (the one with an 11 year old daughter), but that’s not why I like your Blog. It’s well-written, thoughtful, relevant and funny. You give readers a running dialogue. It provides more of a timeline and personal introspection than my own Blog, which is more about technology and sociology (but heavy on blunt and arrogant opinion).

    Having met your sister at a neighborhood BBQ tonight, I find that you are both literate, practical and perceptive. I bet that your Blog will become a launching pad to many projects–perhaps even future careers. Good Luck with it! I know that you will do well. You as a gifted individual who forges her own luck.

    Ellery (

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