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Bookends: August 2021

This month, the theme in our family seems to be reinventing ourselves. My teen has asked to be called by a different name and has started exploring personal style via the thrift store, I started a new job teaching in an after school/enrichment program and am going by my middle name there, and my spouse … Continue reading Bookends: August 2021

Bookends: July 2021

July has been a strange month. My spouse was going to go back to work on-site, but Delta variant caused the call-back date to be pushed back a few months. Delta has also necessitated a reevaluation of our perception of our family’s safety vis-à-vis this virus. We’re still moving forward with increasing numbers of in-person … Continue reading Bookends: July 2021

Bookends: May and June 2021

After three of our four family members got vaccinated, my spouse and I started thinking of things we could do as a couple that would still protect our youngest until he was old enough to get the vaccine this fall. We started planning for a night out. As the day approached, I started remembering all … Continue reading Bookends: May and June 2021

Trial and Error

I like learning new things, but I hate making mistakes. I don’t mind the “trial” part but the “error” part is distinctly painful. In a way, then, parenting and homeschooling are good for me as I am constantly forced to be wrong and, because my kids need me for their physical and emotional well-being, I … Continue reading Trial and Error

Bookends: April 2021

Well, our foster mice weren’t (and aren’t) pregnant. Now they’re available for adoption but still living in my daughter’s bedroom. The cats have almost entirely lost interest in the new residents of that room, which is for the best. I did training to bottle feed orphaned kittens, but I won’t be taking any of those … Continue reading Bookends: April 2021