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I heard grace murmuring in my belly, a vibrating roar building as the wall of muscle tightened and tightened against the cushion of fluid and baby within. I heard the roar in my belly, forcing its way through my chest, my throat, and out of my mouth. I called and called as the sensation rolled within and […]

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When I was four, after my brother Josh’s death but before my sister was born, I had a dream that a giant dog was running around our San Diego house. I could see the dog’s fur outside the window as it raced by, and I could feel the ground shake with each of its steps. […]

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“These Are My People.”

This post was written as a response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge from The Daily Post. I’ve been asking around, both in person and online, for people’s opinions about children in public. The consensus seems to be that children are people and should be permitted to go to any place that people are allowed […]

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If Loving Bok Choy is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right

I love bok choy. I love it in stir fries, I love it in soups, I love it sauteed up with a little sesame oil. I don’t love it raw, but I love it lightly cooked so it’s crunchy and juicy and satisfying. Yakisoba is one of the many ways I love to cook bok […]

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Homeschool – A Day in the Life, Part I: Overview

Periodically, people ask me what homeschooling looks like. This is a tough question to answer because homeschooling can look vastly different in different households. Some families embrace experiential learning and avoid workbooks, some use an out-of-the-box curriculum, some use structured parent-designed curricula, and some use online K12 programs. Some families have no involvement with the […]

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My Son’s Birth Story, Part 1: Ramping Up

My son’s second birthday is tomorrow. Naturally, I’ve been thinking a lot about his birth today, reflecting on how much he’s changed in the past two years, how much he’s still the same little guy he was in utero, and how much his birth and his existence have changed me. I’m posting here my “for […]

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My Son’s First Sports Bra

I was organizing library books in my four-year-old’s room while he dressed for bed the other night. I looked up from my task. He gave me an odd little smile as he unbuttoned his shirt, and I noticed something unexpected. “You’re wearing my sports bra,” I said. Under his blue plaid shirt he wore the […]

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