To Hell With Date Night

I have a confession: I hate Date Night. Seriously. Hate. I love my spouse, but really, Date Night is just too much pressure, especially because we live in such a lame city with no live music or theater or decent restaurants. No improv or stand-up places. There’s candlepin bowling, but then you have to putContinue reading “To Hell With Date Night”

The Ring of Power

I actively do not want to be famous. If I’m known, I want to be quietly known as someone solid, someone who can be depended upon, and as someone who cares more about outcome than about getting credit. Until my wedding ring became the Ring of Power, it didn’t occur to me that by marrying I’d actually facilitated this invisibility.

Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill

Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill My rating: 4 of 5 stars Dept. of Speculation is the August selection for the SBC online book club. To learn more about SBC or to join the conversation, visit the SBC page here at Imperfect Happiness or join our Goodreads Group. The first half of this book is just delightful, with theContinue reading “Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill”

Night Film by Marisha Pessl

Throughout the year, my spouse reads books about science, the economy, the economics of science, or the effects of the science industry on the economy, and scientific research papers about the brain structures of schizophrenic mice.* But every December 1, he asks me for a recommendation for a novel for him to read during hisContinue reading “Night Film by Marisha Pessl”

My Spouse and I Talk About Jason Bateman

Me: Did you know that Jason Bateman was born in Salt Lake City?* Spouse: No, I didn’t. I would not have guessed that. Me: Me, neither. But he does have that kind of clean-cut look. Spouse: That Salt Lake City look? Me: Did you know that our son was born in Salt Lake City? Spouse:Continue reading “My Spouse and I Talk About Jason Bateman”

On Love and Marriage

We lived in California when same-sex marriage first became legal in Massachusetts. I remember seeing  Rev. William Sinkford, then president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, on television performing the first legal same-sex wedding ceremonies. I remember feeling incredible pride that I was a UU. When we moved to Massachusetts this past summer, New York had justContinue reading “On Love and Marriage”

Oh, Baby! Yet Another Young(ish) Mother Responds to Erica Jong

Erica Jong is right about one thing: I don’t like to talk about sex. In her article,  “Is Sex Passe?” (published in The New York Times on July 9th, 2011), Jong asserts that my generation of mothers are bored with sex and so we use motherhood and pregnancy and birth to distance ourselves from our husbands so we don’tContinue reading “Oh, Baby! Yet Another Young(ish) Mother Responds to Erica Jong”