My Spouse and I Talk About Jason Bateman

Me: Did you know that Jason Bateman was born in Salt Lake City?*

Spouse: No, I didn’t. I would not have guessed that.

Me: Me, neither. But he does have that kind of clean-cut look.

Spouse: That Salt Lake City look?

Me: Did you know that our son was born in Salt Lake City?

Spouse: Wait, what was Justin Bateman in?

Me: Jason Bateman. Justine is his sister. She was on that show…Family Ties.

Spouse: What does Justine Bateman look like?

Me: Like Jason Bateman only with long hair.**

Spouse: Was she the real tough girl?

Me: No, she was—

Spouse: Was she Tootsie?

Me: Tootie? No, that was that other show. What was that called?

Spouse: Diff’rent Strokes?

Me: No, but there was a Diff’rent Strokes tie-in. It’s the one with Charlotte Rae. You know, [singing] “You take the good, you take the bad, you take ’em both and there you have—”

Spouse and Me Together: The Facts of Life!

[thumbs ups and high-fives]

Spouse: Wait, so Jason Bateman was on Facts of Life?


*Turns out I was incorrect about this. He was born in New York and moved to SLC when he was four, according to the internet. Of course, the internet is also where I got the notion that he was born in SLC. But facts aren’t really important in this particular conversation.

**Justine Bateman also doesn’t look like her brother with long hair. Well, maybe a little when they were kids, but not so much now.

2 Replies to “My Spouse and I Talk About Jason Bateman”

  1. LOL, this was great! My husband and I are pretty sure that Jason Bateman and Jerry O’Connell are the same guy, so every time we have the Jason Bateman conversation, it’s, “You mean the guy from Sliders?” “No, the guy from Arrested Development.”


    1. They do look an awful lot alike. Of course, when you mentioned Jerry O’Connell, I had to look him up to see what he looks like now; I remember him from Stand By Me. Which probably shows about how much I keep up with movies and television.


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