Motherhood and Planned Obsolescence

People write about “leaning in” and “opting out,” and I just feel entirely outside of that conversation. Ever since I was a little girl, the only thing I’ve really aspired to is motherhood. I had other careers in mind—waitress, clown, firefighter, long-haul truck driver, writer—but those were always secondary to being a mom.

Homeschool – A Day in the Life, Part III: Balance

In Part I, I gave an overview of our homeschooling lives. In Part II, I provided information about the materials we use and how we chose them. In this post, I tackle the thorny issue of maintaining balance while the kids are learning at home. One of the biggest difficulties I have with homeschooling is balance.Continue reading “Homeschool – A Day in the Life, Part III: Balance”

Excuses, Excuses

Breakfast at my house (on a weekday when Daddy’s already off to work): “Mommy?” “Yes?” “Mommy?” “Yes?” “Mommy?” “What is it, Sweetie?” “Mommy?” “What, Sweetie?” “Mommy?” “What do you need, Honey?” “Mommy?” “Can I get you something?” “Mommy?” “Oh, for the love of Mike, what do you want?” Lunch at my house: My 6.5-year-old toContinue reading “Excuses, Excuses”

Living Our Values as Parents (or By Choosing Not to Be Parents)

Years ago, long before I became a mother, I was riding in my boss’s car along with several other co-workers on our way to an off-site department lunch. “So, Cheryl, do you have any children?” one of my co-workers asked my boss. “No,” replied my boss. “Children were never on my to-do list.” I’ve always foundContinue reading “Living Our Values as Parents (or By Choosing Not to Be Parents)”

Adventure for the Non-Adventurous

Wasn’t it about this time last year when I was fixated on the idea of selling everything and moving into an RV? I wonder, if I looked at my journals from the past two decades, if I would find that every late-winter brings me this “itchy feet” sensation. What’s interesting this year is that myContinue reading “Adventure for the Non-Adventurous”

Simple Living with Children: The Christmas Conundrum

We’re getting there, I think. The kids’ haul this Christmas was slightly less unreasonable than in years past, but they still got way more than two children really need. Way more. As I organized the gifts by recipient yesterday, I eyeballed the size of the stacks critically. “They’re still getting too much stuff,” I lamentedContinue reading “Simple Living with Children: The Christmas Conundrum”


With our late-October freak snowstorm, four-day power outage, and the start of National Novel Writing Month all hitting at about the same time, the degree to which I’ve over-scheduled and overcommitted myself and my kids became alarmingly clear. The chaos began with my husband’s lay-off in March and has just continued long after its neededContinue reading “Perspective”