Adventure for the Non-Adventurous

Wasn’t it about this time last year when I was fixated on the idea of selling everything and moving into an RV? I wonder, if I looked at my journals from the past two decades, if I would find that every late-winter brings me this “itchy feet” sensation. What’s interesting this year is that myContinue reading “Adventure for the Non-Adventurous”

Goodbye, Salamanders! See You Tomorrow!

So, we went camping. And we made it back. And the children loved it. “I loved camping!” my daughter proclaimed while we were at the coffee shop waiting for our supplemental breakfast to be served (cold bagels and frosted mini wheats weren’t really my kids’ thing, and we needed eggs, pancakes, and—in my daughter’s case—hotContinue reading “Goodbye, Salamanders! See You Tomorrow!”