When Hope is Too Much to Ask For

Lately with everything going on—the tanking economy, rising COVID-19 cases nationwide, a federal government that toggles between authoritarian overreach, lies, and violence and complete inaction, climate change continuing unabated, increasing racial and economic division, in case you’d forgotten—I have been having some trouble feeling hope. I suspect I’m not alone in this. I want toContinue reading “When Hope is Too Much to Ask For”

Re-Blog: Everything Possible: On the Fluidity of Humanity (sermon)

In this post on Awake and Witness, Karen Johnston offers a picture of how we can be there for one another, even when confronted with defiant reactions (either from others or from ourselves). As the mother of children who first react to uncomfortable or confusing situations with defiance (and who have been misunderstood and atContinue reading “Re-Blog: Everything Possible: On the Fluidity of Humanity (sermon)”


One February in North Carolina, in the corporate-employee days of my early 20’s, I got an e-mail from my coworker, Tee. It was about a week before our monthly gathering to celebrate the birthdays in the department, and I had just finished printing out the transparencies for the Jeopardy! game I’d made up for the occasion. Some months we played Family Feud with answers gleaned from surveys I sent to the department, some months it was Let’s Make a Deal, but this month, like most months, it was Jeopardy!

Since it was February, Tee wrote in her e-mail, wouldn’t it be nice to have a category commemorating Black History Month?

Organic Gratitude

I’ve not had much luck with gratitude practices. Picking out things to be grateful about feels either forced or redundant, and I end up feeling like an ass when I still feel miserable even in the face of so many blessings in my life. Focusing on the good in a situation or in a moment just highlights the gapContinue reading “Organic Gratitude”

Harbinger of Spring

The bluebird enjoys the preeminence of being the first bit of color that cheers our northern landscape. The other birds that arrive about the same time–the sparrow, the robin, the phoebe-bird–are clad in neutral tints, gray, brown, or russet; but the bluebird brings one of the primary hues and the divinest of them all. –Continue reading “Harbinger of Spring”

The Power of Empathy

I was in an empathy practice group in California. That totally sounds like something that would happen in California, doesn’t it? We sat around with our healing crystals, munching sprouted sunflower seeds and spirulina and practiced being empathetic with one another. Not quite. There were two Burmese cats who would go from lap to lap for affectionContinue reading “The Power of Empathy”