Midwestern Meander 2012: The Ohio Leg

“Midwestern Meander” is the name I’ve given the road trip we took in late June 2012. We traveled from our home in New England to Niagara Falls, across Ontario to visit family in Michigan, the rest of the way around Lake Erie to visit family in Ohio, then back home again. I plan to postContinue reading “Midwestern Meander 2012: The Ohio Leg”

Six States and Counting

Today I got my Massachusetts driver’s license. From the time I began driving until today, I’ve had licenses in Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, California, Utah, and Massachusetts. I’ve visited DMVs, BMVs, and RMVs. I’ve waited for hours and hours (California) to get my license and registration, and I’ve not waited at all (Utah and Massachusetts).Continue reading “Six States and Counting”

How Can I Not Like Coldplay? This is How. (Day 6 of the Cross-Country Road Trip)

Toledo, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio Driving time: 1 hour 48 minutes After our recent all-day driving times, this under-two-hours day felt like a trip across town. We didn’t need to stop in Cleveland, but how can you travel through Cleveland and not stop? Plus, my mom and my sister and brother live about 40 minutesContinue reading “How Can I Not Like Coldplay? This is How. (Day 6 of the Cross-Country Road Trip)”

“Have the Rolling Stones Killed”: XM Radio on Day 5 of the Cross-Country Road Trip

Peru, Illinois, to Toledo, Ohio Driving time: 6 hours and something Highlights: Gorging myself at a cookout with my in-laws and watching my kids wrestle their uncles. Determining that Gary, Indiana, still smells like it did last time we drove through 10 years ago. Watching Ohio unfold before me from behind the wheel of theContinue reading ““Have the Rolling Stones Killed”: XM Radio on Day 5 of the Cross-Country Road Trip”

Cross-Country Road Trip, Day 3: It’s a Jungle in There

Ogallala, Nebraska, to Omaha, Nebraska Day 3 driving time: 4 hours 45 minutes, with no stops Nebraska Facts: Nickname: The Cornhusker State Largest City: Omaha, pop. 438,646 (also the largest city we’ve encountered on our trip, including the one we started in) Nebraska is the home of the very first Cabela’s store in Sidney, Nebraska.Continue reading “Cross-Country Road Trip, Day 3: It’s a Jungle in There”

Review: The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary My rating: 4 of 5 stars I read this in elementary school. I remembered liking it, so I checked it out from the library to read to my daughter. We both thoroughly enjoyed this book. There are themes of growing up and responsibility, which is nice, butContinue reading “Review: The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary”

Week 17 Review: Utah Snow versus Ohio Snow

Earlier this week, we had a blizzard. It was windy and snowy for about an hour and then it was pretty much done. I was in a few blizzards in Ohio when I lived there, and this one wasn’t much like those. I hear Utah doesn’t usually get blizzards, so perhaps it’s just out ofContinue reading “Week 17 Review: Utah Snow versus Ohio Snow”

There’s No Place Like Home

I’ve been thinking a lot about home lately, and apparently I’m not alone. My friends Victoria and Maggie have both blogged about this in the past couple of days. Victoria lives aboard her sailing vessel with her husband and two young children, the realization of a dream she and Tucker have had for many years.Continue reading “There’s No Place Like Home”