“Have the Rolling Stones Killed”: XM Radio on Day 5 of the Cross-Country Road Trip

Peru, Illinois, to Toledo, Ohio

Driving time: 6 hours and something


  • Gorging myself at a cookout with my in-laws and watching my kids wrestle their uncles.
  • Determining that Gary, Indiana, still smells like it did last time we drove through 10 years ago.
  • Watching Ohio unfold before me from behind the wheel of the Yukon for the first time. (The unexpected joy and feeling of being home took my mind off the fact that, at 5’2″ and under 130 pounds, I’m rather incongruous behind the wheel of a GMC Yukon.)
  • Noting that the sky in Illinois isn’t as brilliant a blue as the sky is further west (or even compared to the sky in Indiana).
  • Laughing hysterically at my husband’s Simpsons reference. “What I Like About You” came on XM Radio, leading my husband and me to determine first that we recognized the song and then that we didn’t really like it (mostly because we can’t figure out what they’re saying). We’d forgotten who it was by, and when the band name (The Romantics) came across the readout, my husband said, “Have the Rolling Stones killed,” quoting Montgomery Burns at a performance by The Ramones. We’ve been on the road long enough that I can’t tell if that was a “had to be us” joke or if it’s objectively funny. And I’ve been on the road long enough, I’m sharing the story regardless.

When we went to rent the vehicle for our trip, we decided it wasn’t worth the extra money for XM radio. But when they switched out the minivan we’d rented for this large SUV, they threw in the XM at no extra charge. For the most part, we’re glad to have it. It’s re-introduced us to classics of the grunge era, the music to which we came of age. But while I think it would be more convenient if there were an XM station that played only good songs and left the sucky ones out, my husband thinks the addition of the sucky songs increases his appreciation of the good songs.

We both agree that we still wouldn’t pay extra for satellite radio.

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4 Replies to ““Have the Rolling Stones Killed”: XM Radio on Day 5 of the Cross-Country Road Trip”

  1. Not just you guys, it was funny. ; )

    Sounds like the trip is going well! yay, I am so happy for you. I really am looking forward to the next few months of your blog. I plan on reading with a students eye. Our move has been put off by several months so I have time to listen, watch and learn.
    Grunge is the music of my youth as well. So far none of the children mind me playing all the “old” music but I feel my days are numbered. lol


  2. But sir, those aren’t the Roll….

    Silence! Do as I say!

    This probably won’t make you feel better, but I laughed instantly when I saw the blog title.


    1. Oh, I’m totally gratified that you laughed instantly upon seeing the blog title. I think The Simpsons were a big reason we got along so well as officemates (although that could be revisionist history).


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