TBR List Declutter, Issue 46

Tangent: Music Theory At the park the other day, my son called to me from the swings. “Hey, Mom! What song is this? NAH-na-NAH-na-NAH-na-na-na-NAH!” “I think that’s ‘Für Elise,’” I said. “Oh, right! I always get that one mixed up with ‘Iron Man,’” he said, referring to the song by Black Sabbath. “You always getContinue reading “TBR List Declutter, Issue 46”

Nursery Song

Today, my daughter recounted for us a story she’d read about a pregnant woman who put headphones on her belly so her baby could listen to music. When my children stopped laughing, I told them I’d done just that when I was pregnant the first time. I’d read somewhere that if you play a song for yourContinue reading “Nursery Song”

Worth Doing Poorly

Growing up and in early adulthood, I heard two conflicting messages about my voice. One was that I have a beautiful voice that soothes and comforts and brings pleasure to the listener. The other was a mostly nonverbal discouragement in the form of ignoring me or making fun of me, which from my perspective wasContinue reading “Worth Doing Poorly”

A Dinner Invitation to “Weird Al” Yankovic

Dear Mr. Yankovic, Your new CD, Mandatory Fun, arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. I knew the UPS guy rang the doorbell even though we didn’t hear it because the power was out because I did like I always do and hid around the corner and watched him through the window. After the power was back on, my spouseContinue reading “A Dinner Invitation to “Weird Al” Yankovic”

Discovering The Avett Brothers

I learn about new music (i.e., music made since 1999) from one of three sources: My spouse, NPR, or the local college radio station. In the case of The Avett Brothers, I first heard their music on WERS, the Emerson College radio station that just barely comes in where I live. I can listen to itContinue reading “Discovering The Avett Brothers”

How Can I Not Like Coldplay? This is How. (Day 6 of the Cross-Country Road Trip)

Toledo, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio Driving time: 1 hour 48 minutes After our recent all-day driving times, this under-two-hours day felt like a trip across town. We didn’t need to stop in Cleveland, but how can you travel through Cleveland and not stop? Plus, my mom and my sister and brother live about 40 minutesContinue reading “How Can I Not Like Coldplay? This is How. (Day 6 of the Cross-Country Road Trip)”

“Have the Rolling Stones Killed”: XM Radio on Day 5 of the Cross-Country Road Trip

Peru, Illinois, to Toledo, Ohio Driving time: 6 hours and something Highlights: Gorging myself at a cookout with my in-laws and watching my kids wrestle their uncles. Determining that Gary, Indiana, still smells like it did last time we drove through 10 years ago. Watching Ohio unfold before me from behind the wheel of theContinue reading ““Have the Rolling Stones Killed”: XM Radio on Day 5 of the Cross-Country Road Trip”

Relinquishing Ownership of my Kids’ Successes (and Failures)

My friend K came over today with her boys to play and hear my daughter play her flute. K is a flute teacher, but not my daughter’s flute teacher. She’s currently on hiatus from teaching and is missing working with students, especially the cute little ones like my daughter, which was part of the purposeContinue reading “Relinquishing Ownership of my Kids’ Successes (and Failures)”

Play Some Skynyrd!: Avoiding Embarrassing my Cousin at his Gig

Last night, my husband and I got a taste of what it might be like if we lived nearer the kids’ grandparents. It was the first time we’ve seen live music together since our pre-kids days. I’m grateful that bars have gone non-smoking since then. We saw the Spark Notes, my cousin’s band (technically he’sContinue reading “Play Some Skynyrd!: Avoiding Embarrassing my Cousin at his Gig”