Review: The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

The Mouse and The Motorcycle (Ralph S. Mouse, #1)The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this in elementary school. I remembered liking it, so I checked it out from the library to read to my daughter.

We both thoroughly enjoyed this book. There are themes of growing up and responsibility, which is nice, but the best part is, of course, that Ralph rides a motorcycle.

I love that the there’s the line about how Ralph was proud that he was going to be the subject of a composition in a far off place like Ohio. (I would have quoted it, but the book is in my sleeping daughter’s bedroom, and I make a policy of not going in there while she’s sleeping unless it’s incredibly important, like if I want to cuddle her a bit before she gets too big to cuddle.)

My daughter has asked my husband and me to read the last five chapters to her over and over again, and then during the day, I find that she’s got the book in the living room and is reading sections to herself and then acting them out.

I knew that, given her parents, she was likely to grow up to be a reader, but it’s very exciting to see it in action.

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