Not a Happy Person

I’m not a naturally happy person. I’m not particularly unhappy, as a rule, I’m just not gleeful. In fact, I’m somewhat suspicious of people who smile a lot. Not that I’m proud of that. It’s just an observation.

My daughter is like me. We’re pensive. We’re serious. When we’re thinking, we scowl.

My son is another story entirely. He’s been smiling since the day he was born and he’s been laughing since he was a week old. (He laughed in his sleep weeks before he laughed while awake. I would watch him sleep and giggle and wonder what in his dreams was so amusing.) His baseline is clearly set higher on the “joy” side than mine and my daughter’s.

I think I can learn something from this joyous boy.

I don’t expect to change my nature in any fundamental way. I just hope that, by focusing on happiness, implementing strategies intended to increase my happiness, and practicing ways of expressing what happiness I feel, I’ll be better able to meet my son at his Happy Place and perhaps make my home a more joyful place for my family and for anyone else who visits us.

I’m still working on the details for my Happiness Project. But I hope to have a plan all set up and ready to implement by August 1. I suppose I could start it at any time, but I like sticking with the calendar, and I’d rather not wait until September 1. Whatever I decide, I will, of course, post it here, since following my progress along the path towards happiness is the purpose of this blog.

3 Replies to “Not a Happy Person”

  1. I’m so glad I asked for those links to first blog posts because I don’t think I would have made the time to go back and find this. I was working on my own happiness project when you posted this: ds3 was 11 days old. He also has a higher joy-schtick than I do and it is a continuous surprise to me to observe him, the happy little alien, go about his explorations. Ds2 is much more like me, and also pushes my buttons more frequently, than any of my children. I worry for him because if I can give them nothing else, I’d like them to get a different brand of crazy than the one bequeathed to me 😉

    I’ve been following your project and it is reflecting into my life in good ways-making me reflect and think before reacting. Keep writing!


    1. Thanks, Z! Your words of praise mean a lot to me. I find it strange but wonderful to keep in touch with friends via our blogs. But it works, sometimes as well as actual conversation, I think.


  2. Yay Charity! Am I the first to post on your blog? Yay me! So happy for your happiness project. Best of luck – I’ll be glad to read all about it.


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