Explore Month in Review

Ah, January.

It’s been a month of surprises and a fair amount of shifting of perspectives.

I skiied. And liked it OK. I’m not sure I like it well enough to get over the energy barriers of getting childcare, acquiring stuff (either purchased or rented), and making my way to a skiing location, which may or may not have a small hill I’d have to navigate before getting to the groomed cross-country trail with its comforting parallel grooves.

I started taking Aikido. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, and then I loved it. I’m going to continue doing it. It doesn’t require the preparation that skiing does.

I didn’t dance in public. But I did order food and I called a local pizza place and asked questions about their gluten-free crust and I chatted with a man with long hair, a full beard, and coveralls about chocolate bars that were on sale at the supermarket. These are rather tiny things, but they’re things that I generally avoid if at all possible. The fact that I did them and did them without feeling incredibly anxious and without going over in my mind again and again every single word I said afterwards is the impressive part.

So, I think Explore month had a positive effect on me.

Let’s see what “Marriage” Month holds for me in February…

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