good neighbors & strong, strong coffee (via feastiary)

Bonus blog post for today: a re-blog of my friend Jenny’s post about Cafe Cubano. Not only is Jenny always sharing great recipes, her writing is unfailingly hilarious. Please do check out her original post, and her original blog, something made different.

This post inspired me to walk to the store, purchase a stovetop espresso machine, walk home, and make Cafe Cubano à la Jenny.

I believe this method of brewing rings every tiny little caffeine molecule out of coffee because I’m buzzing and I made decaf.

This coffee was good. Very good. And strong. Very strong.

The baby loves it. He gets angry when I take the little demitasse away from him or when I refill it and the coffee is still too hot to drink. I’d hate to see what he would do with caffeinated coffee.

This isn’t faux pep mo, but it rocks.

good neighbors & strong, strong coffee The other day (way back in 2010), we stopped by our neighbors’ house to invite them to a little Christmas Eve gathering, and they invited us in for coffee. But not just any coffee. Rafael is from Mexico, and Milagros is from Cuba. She is a wonderfully exuberant person who hates to wait in lines and who loves to talk and who wants her coffee to yell back at her and maybe even cuss her out, just a little. So what they offered us was coffee Cuban-st … Read More

via Jenny at feastiary

2 Replies to “good neighbors & strong, strong coffee (via feastiary)”

  1. You and your comments and your enthusiastic trying of the espresso (I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives!) are making me feel guilty about not posting over there. I’ve been writing a thing on chutney for almost two weeks now and have been feeling too undereducated on the subject to actually publish it. Or finish it. But you’ve inspired me to get in gear. Thanks! Oh, and right after you wrote about it, I tried the Faux Pep Mo with my leftover candy items from baking Christmas cookies. It was sinfully delightful.


    1. Glad you liked the Faux Pep Mo! Don’t worry about lack of chutney expertise. I bet if you post what you know, you’ll get some feedback that will aid in your education. And if not, you can always post a revision once you learn more. If you have even the remotest idea of how a chutney is different from a salsa, you know way more than I do. Not that you should be judging your level of expertise about any topic based on my level of expertise, especially when it comes to chutney.


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