You Don’t Have to Know What Rigging is to Help Some Friends Acquire Some

Some friends of ours at forgeover and s/v Convivia (Tucker and Victoria and their adorable kids, Ruby and Miles) are getting ready to make a dream come true by taking a 2-to-5-year sailing trip and perhaps even circumnavigating the globe! They’re planning to leave this fall, and they’re feverishly making preparations for the trip.

I’ve mentioned multiple times how much I admire them and am both jealous and fearful of their undertaking. I was so happy to find out that they’ve got something I can do to help them and be a part of their trip without actually getting on a boat. And you can help them, too!

As part of their preparations, they are hoping to get new rigging for their sailboat, Convivia. I’m not entirely sure what rigging is (pretty important ropes, I think), but I do know that all of us can help them get new high performance running rigging for free, just by joining their online crew!

It just takes a sec, and there are only 9 days left. Follow the directions below (and read more at the link to their blog post about it here: Dyneema® Experience Team).

Excerpt from their blog post about the Dyneema® Experience Team:

So here’s your chance to support Team Convivia as we prepare to realize our dream.

  1. Go to our profile
  2. Click on the red “Follow Me, Click Here” button
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Dyneema will send you an email with a special “activation” link. Click that and check our profile to make sure you are on our crew.
  5. Bask in our gratitude

This whole process takes less than a minute, please don’t put it off. The winners will be chosen in a few weeks (March 4th) so time is running out!

Take a moment to help them out and be a part of their adventure!

3 Replies to “You Don’t Have to Know What Rigging is to Help Some Friends Acquire Some”

  1. Charity. YOU. ARE. AWESOME. thank you so much. Besides being really helpful, this warms my cockles; my _very_ cockles. Thank you!


    1. Actually, that was my reply, not Vicks. Using the wrong computer. But you warm her cockles too, fwiw 🙂


      1. Oh, my. Well, glad to be warming cockles all over the place. You should try to get dooce to put you on her blog, though. I think she has a couple more followers than I have.


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