You know you’re a crunchy mama when…

Whipping up the innards of a vegan lasagna.

…you say to your spouse, “Honey, could you put the Ani DiFranco CD in for me? It’s under the Eddie Vedder Into the Wild CD on top of the homemade granola. I’m too messy making the vegan lasagna to do it.”


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  1. Ha! Yes, I’ve said almost the same thing a few times myself. It would be fun to do a running “You know you’re a crunchy mom when…”

    …You can’t reach the dried herbs hanging above the woodstove because the birthing pool is blocking access.
    …You often run out of wooden clothespins between the dipes hanging on the line, the crafts your kids are making with them, and the dried herbs hanging above the woodstove


    1. I like the running bit idea. Although we don’t do woodstove because the air quality here is so bad, I would be wracked with guilt about the particulates every time I fired it up.


    1. Yes, there are two, one at the top (or maybe that’s just for wordpress users?) and one below the post. Then there’s the “share” button. So many ways to express “like”!


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