Deviled Beet-Pickled Eggs: Devilish but Not in the Way I Intended

I made pickled eggs then deviled them. The photo on Go Lightly Gourmet was gorgeous, and not just because of the garnish. The eggs are a pinkish purple that contrasted beautifully with the yellow of the deviled yolks. The bright green of the fresh herb garnish makes it even prettier, but even without that, the dish looks particularly appetizing.

Mine did not turn out so appetizing-looking. In fact, the result was the kind of outcome that makes me question my self-identification as a “decent cook.”

These are mine (or what survived the placemat attack (see below)):

Poor. Pitiful. Pickled.

The eggs didn’t peel smoothly, so their surface was dimpled and uneven, much like the surface of the moon. The purple color was attractive, but uneven. I had to shove everything so firmly into the jar, the eggs pressed against the glass sides and against each other. This caused them to be misshapen and to have ovals of lighter purple where the beet juice couldn’t penetrate fully.

And the yolks got a little pickled around the edges. This was OK until I added all of the other ingredients to devil them. Instead of ending up yellow, the deviled filling was a rather sickly orangey-brown color more on the spectrum I associate with infant output than with that I associate with appetizing solid foods. The similarity was heightened by the fact that I’d made the filling a little too thin. One of the hazards of cooking without a recipe.

My son liked the filling. My daughter wouldn’t try them at all. My husband offered no response, which is his way of saying he doesn’t like something but would be willing to eat it if the alternative was going hungry (but not if the alternative was throwing them away). I found them OK. Sweet, beety, vinegary, a little rubbery.

Mostly they reminded me that I don’t really like pickled eggs. I don’t even like hard-boiled eggs unless there’s mayonnaise involved. I decided to make these in spite of this knowledge because they were pretty and because I LOVE deviled eggs (mayonnaise), and I hoped the pickling and deviling would cancel each other out.

That didn’t really happen.

They weren’t awful, but as the person responsible for the bulk of the egg-eating, I was only slightly disappointed when I heard my daughter say, “I’m sorry, Mom. Can you help me?” and then turned to see that she had somehow knocked the eggs off of the plate with her Map of the United States placemat and gotten the deviled filling all over the placemat and the table and her hair.

That being said, if you like pickled eggs and you like deviled eggs and if you have better pickling and deviling skills than I have, I encourage you to try this recipe.

3 Replies to “Deviled Beet-Pickled Eggs: Devilish but Not in the Way I Intended”

  1. I love this post! I am glad you tried this out, I saw that blog too and thought that would be a fun thing to do but there was no recipe posted. I think if I do it, my results will be similar to yours and therefore I will probably not even try. Plus, Paul likes eggs but not deviled eggs so I would be forced to eat what I make. Not sure I would be able to do it. I am a wimp like that.


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