You Know You’re a Crunchy Mama When…

…you save your torn flannel pajamas to make homemade menstrual pads.

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4 Replies to “You Know You’re a Crunchy Mama When…”

  1. Oh, this just made me think of an old flannel nightgown that I use to own. It originally belonged to my great grandmother and when it finally got too worn to wear I turned it into rice pillows and other small things. That old worn flannel was the yummiest feeling fabric ever!
    I too can not bear to just toss out clothes that you could repurpose the fabric for. : )


    1. Oh, that sounds wonderful! The idea of having a piece of clothing that was actually worn by your great-grandmother and that you found a way to continue using it is so sweet! I think about the quilts people’s moms have made of their early dresses and what a wonderful, useful, tangible keepsake that is.


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