One-Hour Fresh-Baked Bread (This is Not an Ad for a Blender)

I don’t really know the mechanics of this process, but somehow I can make whole wheat bread from scratch in my Vitamix (in the special grain/dry pitcher) from start to finish in about one hour.

I use the Whole Wheat Bread recipe that comes with the special pitcher (also found here. Search for “whole wheat bread”). I proof the yeast, mix the dough, let the dough rest while I’m greasing the pan, “knead” the dough by turning the machine off and on again a total of 25 times, let it rise in the pan for 20 minutes, then bake it for 35. If I wanted to, I could start with wheat berries rather than flour and add a couple of minutes, but even that wouldn’t take it up over one hour.

It seems like decent bread. Stays fresh pretty well. My family really like it (especially the kids who don’t like “seedy” bread like I usually make for my husband). I can’t eat wheat without pain, so I’ve not tasted it, but it smells good. And it’s helping me use up the whole wheat flour that was aging in my cupboard and saves us some bucks on bread. As long as my family eat it, I think I’ll keep making it.

I just can’t figure out why it’s so fast to make.

*Note: I do not get any compensation of any sort to talk up my blender, nor does Vitamix have any knowledge that I’m writing about their product. I include the links to their site just so you can see what I’m talking about since I know that several of you have this blender (and others are scratching your heads wondering why the rest of us talk about our blenders so much). I just found this fast yeast bread phenomenon curious and decided to write about that instead of Happiness Through Service today.

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