Blogging is Productive, Right?

I think I may have promised to de-clutter while my husband was out running errands with the baby, but since I’ve not posted to the blog yet today, I decided to do that instead.

I’ve got a few posts in the works, but I seem to have come down with some kind of demotivational illness. The main symptom is not feeling like doing anything in any organized fashion. I did get the kids’ hair cut (our son’s is longer than my husband wanted and our daughter’s is shorter than he wanted. I think if he’s got specific requests, he should be the one to take the kids to the hair cutting place) and redeemed our frequent-buyer card at the vegan bakery, but neither of those was actually on the schedule. I hope this is just a 24-hour lack of motivation, though; I’ve got a lot to do this week. I’ve got to blog and finish reading a novel, cook up three bunches of greens and two bunches of broccoli before they go bad. You know, busy, busy, busy.

So, the thing I was going to write about today was about my son. Yesterday at dinner we had tuna salad. Except for the celery, he loves tuna salad. He usually scarfs it down. So we were surprised when, halfway through the meal, he began picking up tuna salad by the handful and methodically dropping it down the front of his t-shirt.

I don’t know why he did this. Friends suggested that he recognized the moisturizing properties of mayonnaise, that it was “a guy thing”, and that he just wanted to be “dolphin-safe.” I suspect that the reason was that he didn’t have pockets in his trousers. Or maybe he put tuna salad in his shirt at dinner because we had leftover pasta for lunch so he couldn’t do it then.

4 Replies to “Blogging is Productive, Right?”

  1. lol about the tuna… makes you wonder if he will do it again the next time you have it. hmmm
    I totally can relate to having all sorts of things you need/want to write on your blog and not being able to get around to it. Here is to being blessed enough to have a busy life full of people we love. ((hug))


  2. I didn’t mean weird in a negative way. I should have said surprising. That is a better description.


    1. I didn’t take it negatively. I’ve been in a weird mood lately, so some off-the-wall stuff’s been coming out when I write.


  3. What? That is a really weird post. I could never have guessed that what started out as a post about your lack of motivation would end with your son stuffing tunafish down his shirt. That’s awesome!


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