Cleaning Out the Freezer: Steak Fajitas

It’s another “taking pictures of dinner” post!

Tonight: Steak Fajitas!

I don’t normally buy steak. But I ordered meat from a local farm as part of their meat CSA (which included steaks), and it’s been sitting in the freezer for a few months. Since we can’t take it with us, I’m trying to finish it up before we hit the road for Massachusetts.

We had about a pound of beef tenderloin steak in there, which isn’t enough for a steak dinner for four people (especially with as huge red meat fans as my kids are…you’d never guess their mom was vegetarian for seven years before they were born by the way they eat cow). So, I made fajitas.

I don’t really have a recipe for this, but I’ll try to walk you through. It’s pretty basic.

The marinade is the same for the meat as for the veggies. Lime juice, olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and oregano. Mix it in a dish and put the steaks in. Let them marinate in the fridge for an hour or more.

Line your broiler pan with foil (so you don’t have to scrub it) and start up the broiler in your oven. Once it’s preheated, put the steak on the broiler pan. Mix up the veggie marinade, toss with peppers and onions (I used three small green bell peppers and one large vidalia onion, sliced into half-moons). Then spread peppers and onions in a single layer on the baking sheet and pop in the oven part of the oven while the steaks broil.

Cook the steaks to your liking. We like ours medium-rare to medium, and with inch-thick steaks, this took about 15-18 minutes total, turning them twice and checking them once after about ten minutes. The veggies were beautiful and just starting to caramelize at the end of the steak cooking time.

When they’re done, put the steaks on a cutting board and cut into 1/4-inch thick strips. Warm some corn tortillas (I usually do this in a dry skillet because it seems hip to do that, but this time I just did them two at a time in the microwave, ten seconds on each side) and pile with steak and veggies. My husband eats his in a whole-wheat tortilla with cheese and avocados, but I’m something of a fajita purist and just did the steak and veggies (plus, I don’t do dairy, so that limits my topping options).

My son shared my husband’s fajitas with him, and my daughter ate the fixings separated on her plate and didn’t like the green peppers because “they taste just like they smell.” I agreed with her, but I cleared my plate and went back for seconds because I liked the way the peppers smelled and tasted.

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