Top Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer

Dressed and ready for adventure.

  1. Re-learn aggressive driving techniques.
  2. Visit the zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.
  3. Get a drivers license in my sixth different state (previous five are Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, California, and Utah).
  4. Take my blender on a cross-country road trip.
  5. Listen to 60 hours of kids audio books.
  6. Figure out the next topic for my blog once the Happiness Project is over at the end of July.
  7. Hike every week from July 1 until snowfall.
  8. Teach my daughter basic facts about the states through which Interstate 80 runs.
  9. Buy a nice traveling shirt.
  10. Try on a new accent.


  1. Zoie @ TouchstoneZ · June 5, 2011

    I think your attitude is getting more positive. I have 2 questions:

    5. For realzies?
    9. What exactly constitutes a nice traveling shirt? Is it for you or the blender?


    • CJ · June 5, 2011

      #5: 60 might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. I guess it’s more that I’m likely to hear 60 hours of kids audio books in the course of the move and I thought I might as well embrace it and make it one of my goals.

      #9: This is for me, not the blender (although she’s welcome to borrow it). The ideal traveling shirt doesn’t wrinkle (unless it looks better that way), doesn’t stain (or at least doesn’t show stains), wicks away moisture, dries quickly, is UV-protectant, can be worn short-sleeved or long-sleeved, fits my body but isn’t too tight, looks great layered over a nursing tank, and perhaps repels insects, too. I almost bought myself one online the other day, but it would have cost $17 in shipping to get it here before the road trip. I might try to hit the store tomorrow to see what I might be able to get off the racks there. We’ll be traveling through Cheyenne, Wyoming, where there’s a Sierra Trading Post Outlet Store…maybe I can talk my spouse into dropping in to look at traveling shirts as one of our scheduled break times.


  2. Yelly · June 3, 2011

    Love #10! I have a very American accent but have lived in the UK for over 2 years now and could probably do a British accent. I do try…but it doesn’t sound like me! 😀


    • CJ · June 5, 2011

      I’ve lived in Caifornia (where I learned to talk fast), the South (where I learned to talk slowly and say, “fixin to” and “y’all”), the Midwest (where I picked up a propensity to say “warsh” for “wash” and “reddish” for “radish”), Utah (where I learned to say “Oh my heck!”), and now I get to try out New England and doing odd things to R’s. I’m curious to see how the new additions fit in with my current eclectic accent.


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