Brainwashing in One Easy Step

Daughter: “Mommy! We just passed a playground. Did you see?”

Me: “You mean the one at McDonald’s?”

Daughter: “Yes, McDonald’s. But we don’t go there because the food is bad for you, and they make you buy the food if you’re going to play on the playground.”

Me: “They do like you to buy food to play on the playground, yes.”

Daughter: “That’s why not many people go to McDonald’s. It’s because the food is bad for you.”

Me: “Oh? Not many people go there?”

Daughter: “Yes. We only go there when we’re forced to go, like when my old soccer team had its end-of-the-season party.”

I had no idea how simple this brainwashing thing was. She just takes a suggestion and runs with it. I was concerned when she said that McNuggets were her favorite food, but it seems my worry was unnecessary.

2 Replies to “Brainwashing in One Easy Step”

    1. My husband and I watched Inception this morning, and I’ve been thinking today that my daughter’s opinion about McD’s is like the flowering of a seed of thought like they describe in that film. She and I talked two years ago about why it is we don’t go to those “indoor playgrounds”, and this is, apparently, what she’s come up with in the interim. I was especially amused that she seems to think very few people eat there.


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