Update: A Compromise

Update of the Update: The link to the new Page should work now. Sorry for leading you astray.

After posting yesterday, I discovered that I could, in fact, migrate my personal profile to a Facebook Page. Moving my pictures from the old page to the new one appears to be complicated, but for the most part, it was deceptively simple (it was done before I realized).

If you’ve “liked” the old page, head on over to the new page HERE and like that one. I’ll delete the old page by August 1st. Otherwise, I’ll be way too confused having two pages with the same name.

I figure this gives my friends a Facebook-based way to keep track of me (or at least my blog) but keeps me from spending hours on the fun stuff that always showed up in my news feed.

We’ll see how this goes. Regardless, there’s no going back. May as well enjoy the ride!

3 Replies to “Update: A Compromise”

      1. OK, I think I fixed the link. Give it a try again, and it should work (I hope).


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