Temporary Solution Connects Local Housewife to the Internet

Marlborough, MA – When local homemaker and mother, CJ, pulled into her driveway this morning, she was excited to see the box from the telecommunications company leaning up against the flower pot.

“I put the groceries away and got the kids occupied, and then I sat down and opened the box,” CJ stated.

But when she read the self-installation instructions, her excitement turned to dismay.

“It said we needed a coax wall connection, and we only have one of those in the basement and in the toy room,” she explained.

She did a little more research around the house, with her two-year-old following her asking for the “Wild Kratts” PBS show the whole time, and finally settled on a solution. She set up the card table in a corner of the basement, and hooked up the router there.

“I wanted it to be near the television for when we get pay tv and need to hook the tv to the router for that. And I wanted it far from the other end of the room where we’re going to have the [free] billiards table because I could just see an errant billiards ball wrecking our iMac.”

The solution isn’t perfect, CJ noted.

“The card table is old,” she said. “It’s beat-up and kind of rickety. We’re going to need to buy something more substantial soon, I think, if my husband will go for that idea.”

Mr. CJ, well-known for his frugality, was unavailable for comment.

CJ is now typing a blog post while sitting on the arm of the futon and nursing her son to sleep. When she lays down the sleeping child, she’ll see if the phone works.

Update: The phone works.

4 Replies to “Temporary Solution Connects Local Housewife to the Internet”

  1. Hi CJ,

    We have our router in the basement, but since we are (almost) all wireless, it doesn’t really matter. Also, running an ethernet (or coax) cable from the basement up is pretty easy as well – I’m sure you could handle that. Just don’t pay too much for the cables – they should not be too expensive.


    1. I’m into stop-gap measures at the moment. Once we get a little more unpacked, I’ll put more thought into how to make this whole thing work with an upstairs office. I appreciate your confidence in my abilities, though.


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