Sophomoric Humor

My brother- and sister-in-law bought my son a toy hockey set (goal, two tiny sticks, and two balls) for his second birthday. He loves this hockey set.

“Mommy! Pay hockey! Pay hockey!” he says, handing me a hockey stick. Refusing him is not an option. So I play.

Sometimes he can’t find the hockey sticks and balls. So he asks me where they are.

Except that he can’t pronounce all of the words precisely.

As an example of some of the sounds he has trouble with, when he’s standing in the back of the little fire truck toy his Nana got him, he calls out, “Mommy! I am stuck!” but it sounds like, “Mommy! I am duck!”

So while he’s trying to say, “Mommy! Where my stick go? Where my stick and balls go?” it actually sounds like…well, you can figure it out.

And my husband and I try not to laugh. Because we don’t want to explain why we’re laughing.

4 Replies to “Sophomoric Humor”

  1. i accidentally texted this word the other day, then realized before sending, and had to tell mike of my error. . .OOPS. . .5 year old ears and inquiring minds want to know! On another note . . .try watching Shreck 2 and having your child’s favorite character be the cat “I love. . . .” YEAH. . .that was what I had to hear 15 times before bed last night 🙂


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