Because I’ve Misplaced my Time-Turner in my Bottomless Handbag…

With all of the things that I’m doing and want to do, I’m having trouble finding enough time to do things like sleep and spend quiet time with my kids (without 57% of my brain occupied with what I want to do when we’re done with this chapter of Anne of Green Gables or when this floor puzzle is finally complete).

I’ve attempted to eke out more time using routines, sorcery, magical thinking, and that cool thing Superman does when he causes the earth to reverse on its axis thereby turning back time, but these either require even more time to implement or they require skills I’ve so far not been able to develop.

Then last night when I was reading to the kids I reflected on how pleasant it was that, for a few minutes, I wasn’t even considering what I was going to post on my blog that evening. I just hung out with them and sang songs and read stories and told tales and snuggled. I like my blog, but it’s grown to be more of a chore than a joy in the recent past. It’s my own fault. I’ve decided to do this “Post a Day Challenge” and when I don’t post every day, I feel nervous and guilty, even if I have nothing of substance to post. And now we’ve got several end-of-summer overnights/road trips scheduled, which will make it even harder to find blogging time (even as they give me more juicy blogging fodder).

To try to help infuse more joy and substance into my blogging and to allow myself more time to devote to other pursuits, I’m going to shift my blog from r-selected to K-selected. In other words, I’m going to post once a week instead of once a day for a while.

How long? I’m thinking maybe a month, then I’ll regroup near the end of September. Hopefully by then I will have put some new routines into place and will be settled into the new school year (as much as I’ve tried to liberate our homeschooling family from the public school schedule, I’m finding that it’s difficult to avoid, so I’m just going with it).

I’ve got a few more posts in the works (food and hiking-oriented) that I’m planning to finish and schedule for future auto-posting, so don’t be surprised if you see a slew of those popping up in the next week or so.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out for me and for the blog!

3 Replies to “Because I’ve Misplaced my Time-Turner in my Bottomless Handbag…”

  1. bwahaha. . . i JUST reread this title. . . we had an HP marathon while at solitude last week. . . . i LOVE that you write so often. I am trying, to no avail, to catch up on my own blog, but it’s my daily life, not really thoughts 🙂 and i’m like 2.5 months behind at this point, but I also like to have a good read and so many people just abandon their writing. Okay. . .i’m so tired! goodnight


  2. Anne is one of my favorites!

    I’ve never been able to keep up with regular blog posts, so I admire your tenacity with the post-a-day thing. WHen I tried to post daily, or even twice a week, the quantity made the quality go downhill. I just did not have that much to say!


    1. I did seem to find that writing every day improved (in my eyes) the quality of my writing. But not everything that comes of that daily writing exercise is, you know, good. Now that I’m feeling so pressed for time, I’m definitely feeling like I’m not able to keep up the quality as well. I started asking myself why I was blogging at all, much less why I was blogging every day. So, I decided to change things up. Actually, I think I blogged about this a few months ago. A couple of times. (That’s what happens when you blog every day, I guess.)

      Please and Thank You, 4/1/11

      In Under the Wire: The Pros and Cons of Daily Posting, 5/25/11

      (I hope I got that html right)


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