The Day After Thanksgiving

"Christmas Tree" by my daughter

Dishes. Leftovers. A trip to the park. More leftovers. A trip back to the park to recover a dinosaur jacket. A family walk around the neighborhood. Turkey soup. Christmas tree. Pieces to the magnetic advent calendar in the cats’ water dish. Dinosaur Train and The Princess Bride. An unsatisfied yen for more pumpkin pie. A vow to cook another pie tomorrow.


  1. Melanie Meadors · November 26, 2011

    Curious George is good too. Elijah will still watch that every now and then. 🙂

    I’m still trying to figure out if Harry Potter will be too much for him. I hear about all the six year olds having it read to them, but he’s so sensitive… I don’t want him to be left out but at the same time I’m trying to make sure I don’t do anything prematurely and ruin it for him, you know? Technically the book says it is for 9-12 yos, so I didn’t feel too rushed.


  2. Melanie Meadors · November 25, 2011

    Yay Princess Bride! I made croquets. We just kind of hung out today, and then had to have a funeral for our guinea pig Smokey. She was 7 years old, so it wasn’t a surprise, but it was still sad. Even sadder was Cicero, her sister, still looking around for her. She seems very depressed now.


    • CJ · November 25, 2011

      Oh, no! Poor Smokey! And poor Cicero, too.

      Princess Bride was too intense for my daughter even after I revealed all of the major plot twists and sat next to her telling her just what was getting ready to happen. So we ended up watching a few Curious George episodes instead. And eating lots of popcorn.


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