Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

English: photo of toilet seat
When my son saw this picture, he said, "There it is! Let's go to the library." (Image via Wikipedia)

My son had two monster tantrums and two smaller tantrums today. Luckily, the smaller ones were the ones he had at the library, and he saved the monster ones for home.

He also threw his pants into a public toilet. I got them out before he had a chance to flush.

Incidentally, mindfully removing sodden trousers from a public toilet proved beyond my abilities. I did it, but I engaged in escapism in the process.

And those are just the high points of our day.

There are many possible solutions I could implement to try and prevent days like this. We could avoid leaving the house. (Works for me.) My son could stop wearing pants. (He’d be fine with that.) I could either stop caring if my house is dirty or I could start cleaning it better myself so we wouldn’t have to have the cleaners in once a month compelling me to find something to occupy my children away from the house for three and a half hours. (I’m pretty sure this one would meet with mixed reviews from all involved, including the cleaners.)

I’m not making any decisions tonight, though. I’ve got a headache, and I’m going to bed as soon as my son finally stops fighting sleep and leaves for Dreamland himself.

Tomorrow is another day.

But I’d better not think about that right now, either.

3 Replies to “Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This”

  1. LOL if I stopped being friends with everyone who had housekeeping people I would have very few friends indeed! It seems to be the way of keeping sane. Which speaks volumes about me…


  2. I’m sorry you had one of THOSE days. Hopefully things will be better today! (my son would vote for no pants as well).

    Outside help??!! CHEATER!!! 😉


    1. I know. It’s my deep, dark secret. I sometimes also pay for massages. Feel free to stop being my friend now that you’ve found out what a pampered and privileged poser I am.


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