Cookie Hangover

I have a cookie hangover, and I’m not even eating any of them.

The fudge is the toughest thing to resist. I really like fudge. But after a few weeks on my elimination diet, even just drinking spiced cider this weekend was too much for me (not even hard cider, just normal old apple juice with mulling spices steeped in it). So I know that I would regret it if I ate fudge, even if it is for the noble purpose of clearing space in my fridge.

But wait! I have pictures! These are of the cookies and whatnot I set out for the little get-together we had at our place with a couple of our neighbors this weekend.

The spread (not pictured: two types of dip and two kinds of crackers. And all of the beverages and the fruit salad one of the neighbors brought. And the mini bagel pizzas.)

The neighbors did not eat nearly enough cookies. But they loved the tapenade I made, which is always gratifying. And we made a nice dent in the fruit arrangement my mom sent me for my birthday (she kept apologizing for sending it late, but it actually worked out very well, arriving just hours before our neighbors were due to come over). It turns out my children are very enthusiastic about eating fruit on skewers. I put their lunch fruit on skewers today. They ate everything but the kiwi.

Some closeups of the goodies. We still have the gingerbread house (fairly stale by now, but the kids are still nibbling away at it). And keep in mind that each of these made way more than pictured here.

Great-grandma's crumb cookies (3 cookie sheet's worth). And five colors of homemade buttercream (not shown). Clever me, I let the kids frost their own cookies. I'll think twice about that plan next year.


Fudge (one 9x13 pan) and chocolate chip cookies (3 dozen)


Sugar and spice cookies (3 dozen) and snickerdoodles (4 dozen)


Cheesecake bars and raspberry chocolate crumb bars (one 9x13 pan each)


If you’re local and want some cookies, please let me know when I can drop some off. My husband took a bunch to work this morning for a potluck luncheon, but there were too many other desserts there and he brought back 2/3 of what he took in. He says he can’t eat any more cookies. I think he’s just not digging deep enough. He could eat more if he really tried.

So, last week’s focus was cookies. This week’s focus is sleep. Unfortunately, it’s easier to bake cookies when my kids are around than it is to sleep.

4 Replies to “Cookie Hangover”

    1. Oh, I didn’t give details. It’s a diet I did initially four years ago designed to improve digestive health. It worked really well for me, but I’d gotten pretty far away from it over the past couple years and have basically just decided to recommit to it. The early stages are similar to the GAPS diet, but then it ends up being a little less complicated on the “maintenance” phase. After being GF/CF for so long, it’s not as big a change as it was four years ago.


  1. i’ve not done nearly enough baking, i’ve been doing a lot of handmades when all the little mice are sleeping, though i have some food items i DO want to make to send to people for the holidays, i’m afraid they won’t get made because I just keep putting it off. . . i would eat EVERYTHING i made, if i made everything you made 🙂


    1. Eh, your focus is elsewhere. I’m not making the cool handmade stuff that you are. Too bad we’re not closer. We could share. 🙂


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