Christmas Eve Family Movie Time: A George is a George

The Man with the Yellow Hat.
Image via Wikipedia

My two-year-old son asked to watch a Curious George video.

“Let’s watch George, guys!” (He’s taken to calling us “guys.”)

“It’s Christmas Eve, honey,” I said. “How about let’s watch a Christmas show, like It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story or a Simpson Christmas episode?”

“NOOO! Watch George first! George and Man Wiff Ye-whoa Hat!” he protested.

“There’s a man named George on It’s a Wonderful Life,” I said. “His name is George Bailey. He’s not a monkey, but he’s tall and he even has a hat.”

“But you can’t tell what color his hat is because it’s in black and white,” my husband explained.

Iconic screen shot from the movie It's a Wonde...
Image via Wikipedia

“But it could be yellow,” I added. “Would you like to watch that show?”

“Yeah! Watch George Bay-wee! He a man wiff a hat!”

I feel a little uncomfortable about this deception, but I have a feeling I’ll get my comeuppance before the opening credits of It’s a Wonderful Life are finished.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Family Movie Time: A George is a George

    1. The kids watched the whole thing, though. They asked questions like, “Why did they jump in that swimming pool?” and “Why did that first guy jump in the river?” and “What’s a bank run?” and “Why would they want to send George to jail?” My daughter even cried at the end, saying, “I’m crying, but it’s not because I’m sad.” It was a pleasant experience.

      Has your spouse watched it yet, or is he committed to his vow not to watch it?

      We tried watching A Christmas Story afterwards, and that didn’t go over quite so well. The kids requested “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” again instead.


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