The Contents of My Purse

My friend Lori has a blog post that includes a picture of the contents of her purse. The idea intrigued me, and I decided to do it, too. In preparation, I did some internet looking and found art exhibits, blog posts, and even a movie about the contents of folks’ purses, backpacks, and pockets.

It’s not clear to me what the contents of one’s bag are supposed to reveal, but it seems like they reveal something.

What do the contents of my bag reveal about me?

For one thing, they reveal that my go-to “purse” is actually a diaper bag backpack thing (although, as evidenced by the presence of only two pair of training pants, we’re about out of the “diaper bag” stage. I hope). I do have a cuter, smaller handbag or two that I take when the kids aren’t with me, but neither of those was loaded up when I wanted to shoot the picture. Maybe sometime this weekend.

(Note: I removed all old receipts and and used tissues from my bag before taking the photograph.)

4 Replies to “The Contents of My Purse”

  1. I carried a cord to a pulse-ox monitor in my purse for the longest time. I also had parts to a nebulizer. That right there speaks volumes about my life.


  2. Yes! I am so happy to see this post. That dragon wallet is so, so cute.

    OK. So let me read into your bag. You seem creative and whimsical, yet organized and prepared. Green. Studious and informed, yet not much into technology. Very devoted to your role as a mother. Not the most confident person in the world (because you carry so much stuff around). That’s all I can come up with.


    1. “not much into technology”

      Is that because of my four-year-old phone that I continually let go dead? Or my neanderthal paper day planner? (I agree, btw. I wouldn’t have a laptop if my mom hadn’t bought me one. Err, bought my husband and I one. Like his brother bought “us” a Kindle.)


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