Mom, the Lingerie Model

My son, who will be three in August, was looking at a bra ad that arrived in the mail today.

“Huh,” he said, indicating that he was thinking something about the ad, but I couldn’t figure out what.

“Who’s in that picture?” I asked, trying to get a sense for what he was thinking.

“Those are mommies!” he said.

He paused as he looked from the ad to me and back to the ad. Then he pointed to the brunette in the ad and said, “That’s you, Mommy, when you were your age!”

Not sure what age he was thinking of, but if that was a picture of me, it was clearly taken at a before-kids age. And with a fan gently blowing my hair back from my face.

2 Replies to “Mom, the Lingerie Model”

  1. Too funny. I once saw a halloween costume for someone to wear with giant (giant!) balloons as breasts. My youngest, about 4 years, saw it and said that person had lots of milk!


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