MA to DC Road Trip 2012 Day 6: Home

Friday morning, we packed up, said goodbye to Grandpa, and drove northward again.

Looking towards NYC from the Tappan Zee Bridge. I was moments too late to get a photo of the skyline. I’m not sure what exactly I was looking at, but it appeared to be big buildings.

I was inordinately thrilled when “America” came up on the iPod and Simon and Garfunkel sang, “counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike” while we were driving on the New Jersey Turnpike.

On the Garden State Parkway, I observed a motorcyclist in a t-shirt and shorts going about 90 mph and being tailgated aggressively by a large pickup truck. I concluded from this and other driver interactions that New Jersey is the kind of place people want to leave any way they can, and that they want to take as many people with them as possible.

We encountered traffic all along our route, even though we gave New York City a very wide berth. We drove from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm, and we only stopped once, and that was to pick up my husband in New Jersey and get the kids some more junk food for lunch. Near the Massachusetts border, my husband wanted to stop because his rear was sore from sitting for so long. We asked the kids if they needed to use the bathroom.

“No!” was their emphatic cry from the backseat. They wanted to power through and get home. And so we did.

My husband declared them Road Warriors. I tend to agree.

2 Replies to “MA to DC Road Trip 2012 Day 6: Home”

  1. I just read through all the road trip posts. You guys are amazing! We went to the Niagara Falls a couple of weeks ago and I felt like a hero for making it through such a long car trip. And we did make quite a few stops. Your kids did so well. You must be very proud of them. Road warriors indeed.


    1. Thanks, Lori! Niagara Falls (and the Midwest) is going to be our second June road trip. Hopefully they—and I—will do as well with that one!


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