Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

This is my photographic response to a recent photo challenge by The Daily Post (I’m a little behind, so this is the second of two catch-up posts). I like taking photos, especially for this type of challenge. I find it leads me to see the world differently. And seeing the world differently is something I always find enriching.

This challenge was rather more specific than they usually are. It’s not just a fleeting moment, but a fleeting moment on the street. As I live in the ‘burbs and my opportunities for street photography are limited, I had to get it where I could. As a result, there’s one fleeting moment on the street (or rather, on the paved path leading to the trail we hiked today) and then one butterfly, a creature which exemplifies “fleeting moment” to me. It was on the path at the time I photographed it, so perhaps that counts as street photography.

Toddler (Homo sapiens sapiens, juvenile)
Spicebush Swallowtail (Papilio troilus)

9 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment”

  1. I like how you captured both subjects. Hard to capture a butterfly. Thanks for the pingback and listing my blog.



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