Not Crotchety…Crochet-y

I tend to immerse myself in a particular project or type of project to the exclusion of everything else for a time, and then drop that project or type of project indefinitely. My husband finds it irritating, especially when that project is housecleaning (not so much on the “immersion” swing, which he finds delightful, but more on the “drop” portion). But, regardless of his opinion and despite my best efforts to be more diligent and measured in my obsessions, that’s how I do things.

Most recently, I’ve immersed myself in crochet projects.

I have an idiotic amount of yarn for someone who really doesn’t knit or crochet very much, and as part of an itch to declutter (again), I decided I would crochet a bunch of stuff to try and winnow down my stash. I don’t have anyone in mind to give these projects to; right now I’m just thinking I’ll donate them to my church’s silent auction this coming winter. I mean, who really wants a cowl or a sweater in August, anyway? (I have a sneaking suspicion that no one wants a cowl any time, but that’s another matter.)

At any rate, here’s what I’ve been up to. And, as usual, my model is my blender. She’s so photogenic and amenable to being posed. Don’t worry…she’s signed the photo release form.

“Exploded lace” scarf (from Crochet Lace Innovations by Doris Chan)



Detail of motif:



Cowl (from The Crimson Owl). Can be worn as a scarf or as a hood. I made this with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick-and-Quick and some unlabeled chunky gray yarn I found in my stash when I ran out of the Thick-and-Quick just rows from being done:



“Sam” striped toddler sweater (from Easy to Crochet Cute Clothes for Kids by Sue Whiting), made from “Impeccable” 100% acrylic:



A non-flash in-progress photo to better show the colors (from my earlier post, Alexander the Great, Crochet Consultant):

6 Replies to “Not Crotchety…Crochet-y”

  1. You say, “I have a sneaking suspicion that no one wants a cowl any time.”

    It looks like the sort of thing I’d use. Ha!


    1. Actually, I think I might use it, too (if it stays on my head without too much trouble). I’m not a slave to fashion.


  2. That is the CUTEST blender cozy I have ever seen!! Seriously, though, I love that sweater! What yarn did you use??

    I am the exact same way. THough I can blame ADHD. I get..well almost obsessed with something. Sometimes it even is housework. And it’s my sole focus (well, other than ELijah because he has a way of making himself known ;)). Then, on to something else. It irritates my husband as well, not even just because the house can be messy, but because it seems like I am self-sabotaging. I do so well on this thing, and I’m heading in all the right directions, and BAM. Suddenly it doesn’t interest me anymore…


    1. The sweater yarn is an acrylic from Michaels craft store, a brand called “Impeccable.” I picked it because the colors were beautiful and most closely matched the Rowan colors in the pattern.

      And blender cozy…I’d not even thought of that use for, well, anything I’ve crocheted. Maybe that will be my first design project. 😉


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