Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This is my photographic response to a recent photo challenge by The Daily Post. I like taking photos, especially for this type of challenge. I find it leads me to see the world differently. And seeing the world differently is something I always find enriching.

For this challenge, Jon Sanwell suggested taking pictures of people engaged in everyday life. He provided a tip: “My advice for taking pictures of people in public is to be friendly, open, and honest. Smile. Talk to people.”

Yes. Hmm. Talking to people I don’t know isn’t really something I’m keen on. So, I did my best to show everyday life while avoiding identifying characteristics of those in my photos.

Everyday life for the younger set:

My view as I’m buckling my kids into the car for many an errand:

4 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life”

  1. We were there around lunch, which was probably the busiest time. We would ordinarily not have gone then, but we were meeting a friend.


  2. Hey, I was there Sunday. It was absolutely INSANE! Never again on a weekend!!! There were so many kids, you wouldn’t have been able to see the tires in that picture, the kids were swarming like ants! My poor son had to run to every porto potty in sight because he was so anxious, LOL!


    1. We were there Sunday, too, just before they closed. I thought it was pretty crazy, but I’m guessing it wasn’t as crazy as when you were there since I did manage to get a photo of the tires. What’s odd is that just watching the tires, the scene seemed really chaotic but every shot I took has kids apparently waiting patiently for the person in front to leap to the next tire.


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