Truth Will Out…But Not Just Yet (A Music Truck Update)

A few weeks ago I wrote about a bit of ice-cream-truck prevarication in which my husband and I engage with our children. You can read that story here for the context for this update.

Ice Cream Truck
Ice Cream Truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought the jig was up this afternoon when my son said, “Mommy! I hear the ice cream truck!”

“Not the music truck?” I asked.

“No, the ice cream truck!” he said, looking out the window for it.

“What does an ice cream truck do?”

“It plays music!”


Safe for a little longer.

4 Replies to “Truth Will Out…But Not Just Yet (A Music Truck Update)”

  1. That truck used to tick me off in your town!!! We lived on a dead end street, and without fail, no matter WHAT time in the afternoon I would lay my son down for his nap, that stupid thing would come driving up and turn around in our driveway, right in front of our bedroom window!! And that music is LOUD. Seriously, I had homicidal thoughts about the Good Humor Man.


    1. What I want to know is, when are they going to stop coming around for the season? I can see why they haunt playgrounds, but it’s not like our neighborhood is all that bustling with children playing outdoors in the late afternoon. Maybe it’s the recession: ice cream trucks need to run twice as long as usual to make the same money. I wonder if economists have considered using mobile frozen treat businesses as indicators of economic health.


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