Homeschool Fall Break, Day 1: Donut Dilemmas

I decided that the kids and I need a fall break. So, we’re taking the week off. With the exception of subjects that work best if we maintain some momentum (math and flute), we’re planning to put our instruction aside and spend our days reading and taking field trips, playing games and baking muffins, walking in the woods and climbing jungle gyms.

Time will tell how well I’m able to stick to this not-really-a-plan plan.

Goat perch.

This morning we hung out, had a leisurely breakfast, and baked some kale chips. After lunch we met some friends at a local orchard. We didn’t need any more apples, but we enjoyed one of the last hayrides of the season, visited with some farm animals, and ran through a hedge maze (where we nearly lost all hope of ever returning home). My children also discovered that they quite like freshly made apple cider donuts. I accidentally let them gorge themselves on them, but that’s all in the spirit of fall break anyway, isn’t it? At least cider donut season is almost over—I think. We’re still new here and unfamiliar with many of the local customs. It’s quite possible there is no end to cider donut season, in which case I will have to employ some intentional restrictions on their consumption.

Hayride scenery.

My daughter finished out the day with an evening flute class and a daddy-daughter trip to the grocery store. My son finished out the day trying to eat a cider donut like Cookie Monster, gagging on the mass of semi-masticated dough, and vomiting on the kitchen floor (don’t worry…I did not include a photo of that activity). I finished out my day washing vomit-spattered clothing and toys and sewing elastic into the wrists and ankles of a kangaroo costume.

Autumn afternoon.

2 Replies to “Homeschool Fall Break, Day 1: Donut Dilemmas”

  1. That sounds like an excellent day. It’s amazing how you manage to get so much fun into a day.


    1. We packed a little too much into yesterday, I fear. I was planning to take us to the zoo in Providence today, but instead, I think we’ll have a low-key recovery day. And no donuts.


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