More to Come

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I skipped my ROW80 Sunday Check-in.

Here’s the deal. I’ve been writing. Not every night, but frequently enough, and often twice a day. But I’ve not been writing so much from the exercises in The Pen and the Bell. I want to get back to them—I will get back to them—but this past week or so, I’ve been working through something else that’s been percolating for a while, and that’s kind of taking all of my attention.

I’m not being obtuse (or maybe I am but not intentionally). It’s just tough to explain in a small number of words. I’m actually working on a series of three (I think just three) blog posts to explain the insights I’ve gained during this period of reflection. I have a feeling they might also result in my reviving and adding to my Seven Personal Commandments from way back in my Happiness Project days. (Check out the “Happiness Project” category for an idea of what those were. July 2010 is when I wrote about my Seven Personal Commandments, so you can use the Archives drop-down, too. Or you can just wait until tomorrow or Friday when I link to the Commandments from the first blog post in the series.)

I don’t really have a good closing paragraph and need to go read to my daughter so I don’t have time to craft one, so I’m just going to stop here. Thanks for stopping by!

2 Replies to “More to Come”

  1. I also missed Sunday’s check-in, but I didn’t write at all from Thursday through Sunday, so that explains my absence. It sounds like you’ve been very productive. I look forward to reading your new commandments:)


    1. It’s funny how this kind of work doesn’t feel “productive.” But I guess some of this wheel-spinning is all part of the process, just as sometimes the not-writing is part of the process, too.

      Thanks for the comment, Sharon!


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