Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

While at the wildlife sanctuary for a homeschool program the other day, we got to see the porcupine that grazes on their lawn every afternoon. It wasn’t a surprise to the staff there, but porcupines are always a little surprising to me. It was also a surprise that the rain stopped and the sun peeked out so I could take a photo of the little guy:


Today I was surprised to find that this batch of snickerdoodles/angel cookies yielded only about four cookies per dozen:


I packaged up a selection of cookies for the workers who added six inches of blown-in cellulose insulation to our attic this morning/afternoon. They were highly appreciative, especially after smelling the cookies baking while crawling around our attic.

3 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise”

  1. I never get my doodles to puff up like that!
    What recipe do you use?


    1. I use my great-grandma’s recipe (it calls for a cup of shortening…I use the palm oil kind). They puff then crinkle. I worked really, really hard not to over-cook them this year, too, which I tend to do.


  2. My cookies never puff up like that!
    What recipe do you use?


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