Another Voice on Homeschooling: Homeschool Happymess

This week, Allia from Homeschool Happymess published a post answering questions that she got from a reader of her blog. Since I’m in the midst of my own multi-post series about homeschooling at our house, I wanted to point you all towards Allia’s post (and blog) to give a sense of what homeschooling looks in someone else’s family. Each homeschooling family is unique, so the more voices in this conversation, the better!

You’ll find Allia’s post here: Inspired by Angie: Solving a Homeschooler’s Dilemma

From her post:

Homeschooling is a leap of faith.  You have to believe in yourself and believe in your children.  It is my hope, through this blog, that people can see themselves bringing inspiration and creativity to their own children’s education.

I especially love her account of how reading a book about pottery inspired her Happymess Homeschoolers to build a book club and, from that, an outreach program to help bring books to children who don’t have the easy access to books that many children have.

After you read her post, please consider leaving her a comment to let her know what you thought!

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