French Toast: A Moment of Cute

Picture of french toast
Picture of french toast (Photo credit: Wikipedia, originally posted to Flicker as 20060530 french toast 01 by jspatchwork)

I made French toast for the kids for breakfast today. (I didn’t take a photo. Sorry, I’m off my game this week. The photo to the right is someone else’s French toast.)

While I was mixing things up, my son pushed a chair across the room, climbed up next to me at the counter, and announced that he would help.

He stood on the chair and surveyed the scene: four slices of whole wheat bread, an empty plate (the way station for the soaked bread slices), and a pie plate where I’d mixed eggs, soy milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and a touch of maple syrup.

I watched him look at each item in turn before he pointed to the mixture in the pie plate.

“Is this the French?” he asked.

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