New Digs

I’d only planned to change my header image. I found a font I liked, printed out a reference sheet, put on my sun hat, swept the driveway, then knelt in front of my garage and drew my blog title.

With my kids’ help, I took a few photos, and with my kids annoying me because I was burning dinner, I uploaded my images and prepared to enjoy the new header.

But alas! The header on the theme I’ve known and loved for the past three years was too narrow for my cool new image. So, I put some food in front of the children to try and quiet their demands and set to work finding a new theme. If you happened to look at Imperfect Happiness in the past two hours or so, you probably saw a couple of iterations of this as I tried and erred with some of the most promising-looking themes.

Long story short (or more accurately, short story excruciatingly drawn out), my blog’s got a new look for the first time since I first hit “publish.”

What do you think? Did anything disappear that you miss? Is anything still there that really detracts from your blog-reading experience?

4 Replies to “New Digs”

  1. I agree with Ellery: it’s the content that keeps me coming back but I like the new look! The chalk drawing/title is a great idea!


    1. Thanks, Genni! I got the header idea from WordPress’s The Daily Post blog a few weeks ago. There are a lot of fun and creative blog headers out there!


  2. I love it. I think it’s cleaner and more inviting in some way. I also care a lot about the look of a blog, but then I am in many ways superficial like that.


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Lori! I don’t think it’s superficial to care about the ambience of the online space where you’ll be spending your time. It’s like visiting someone’s home. Is it comfortable and inviting, or do you spend your time unsure of where to put your glass or which chairs are okay to sit on?


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