Sisters Book Club July 2013 Selection: Sisterland

It all began when—without any prior discussion—my sister and I each gave one another a book for Christmas.

My sister gave me Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan, and I gave her The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander (along with the study guide written by the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference. You can probably guess which of us is the “fun” sister).

In the card we included with each present, we each said basically the same thing: “I thought it would be fun to read this book at the same time and then discuss it. It will be sort of like a Sisters Book Club!”

We set up a reading schedule and a weekly phone call, and so began the Sisters Book Club.

Now we’d like to invite you all to join the discussion.

We might not read a book every month, but when we set out to read a book, we’ll announce it the week before the month begins. Then you can weigh in here on the blog (I’ll try to post a weekly call for comments, but no guarantees) or on our Goodreads group. Or weigh in on your own blog and link back to the Sisterland posts here so we can see what you have to say.

The Sisters Book Club selection for July 2013 is Curtis Sittenfeld’s new novel, Sisterland. It’s about identical twin sisters Kate and Violet who have an uncanny ability to predict the future. One sister embraces this ability and the other rejects it, but in the end, it’s what will draw them back together. Or so the book jacket suggests. I’ve not started reading it yet.

My sister and I are going to try to follow a schedule to keep us on track and to prevent us from revealing major plot points to one another. I include this schedule only for your reference. You can choose to follow it with us or read at your own pace.

  • Week 1: Ch 1-6
  • Week 2: Ch 7-9
  • Week 3: Ch 10-13
  • Week 4: Ch 14-16
  • Week 5: Ch 17-end

If you plan to join us in reading Sisterland, please weigh in in the comments below. Feel free to include a link to your own blog if you post there about your plan to read the book.

Some questions to get you started: Have you read Sittenfeld before? What do you find intriguing about the description of the book before you’ve started reading?

And…Do you have suggestions for other Sisters Book Club selections? (They don’t have to be books about sisters.)

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